Housing and Dining

Your residence hall experience will be different in response to COVID-19. These measures are meant to minimize shared space and limit exposure to the virus. If you have any questions or concerns, our staff are available to help. The information on this page reflects current campus guidelines. Fall 2021 guidelines are available here.

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Limited Dine-in Seating

Limited, socially distanced dine-in seating will be available for students in all three market places (Burge, Catlett, and Hillcrest) beginning March 1.


  • Students will not need to use a separate process for dine-in seating.
  • A reservation still will be required to enter the market place. Once in the market place, the student can choose to sit and dine or take their meal to go.
  • All students will be required to wear masks in the market places, and will be allowed to remove their mask only when actively eating their meal.
  • Dine-in seating will occur Monday through Friday. Dine-in seating will not be available on Saturdays and Sundays, due to seating capacity limitation, however, to-go options will continue to be offered on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • University Dining staff will clean tables and chairs after each customer. Hand sanitizer dispensers will be located throughout the market places.
  • Grubhub and Express service for students will continue throughout the spring 2021 semester. More information is available at dining.uiowa.edu.

The university continues to monitor the number of COVID-19 cases on campus and in our community and will delay or suspend the dine-in service as if necessary, to limit exposure.

Express and online ordering

  • Express allows a student to enter the market place, select their menu items, and take them to go. No seating will be available. Reservations will be required to enter the market place, and can be made using this link.
  • Online ordering allows a student to order a meal through Grubhub, pick up their order, and take their meal to consume elsewhere. This option is available Monday through Friday in Burge and Catlett Market Places and Monday through Sunday at Hillcrest Market Place.

Health and distancing practices

Student working in study lounge wearing face covering

Market Places

  • Posted entry/exit directions
  • Hands-free payment
  • Monitored customer counts to prevent crowding
  • Self-service food discontinued, will be served to students by dining staff on request
  • Physical barriers of at least six feet in height between dining staff and students
  • Online ordering with no-contact pickup
  • Signage and stickers to encourage social distancing
  • Outdoor dining spaces will be available across campus
  • There will be limited dine-in seating in market places beginning March 1, 2021
Student walking indoors wearing face covering

Residence Halls

  • Common spaces will be set up to follow guidelines that limit gatherings and promote social distancing.
  • Rooms will be set aside for emergency use, such as for illness, student interaction concerns, or other matters, per protocol.
  • One visitor/guest will be allowed per resident at one time.
  • Visitors/guests must wear a face mask in all public spaces.
  • Custodial work will follow CDC guidance.
  • RAs will be present and available to support students. RAs will be provided with appropriate protective equipment to support them in their jobs.

Self-isolation and quarantine

The university will provide isolation space for students diagnosed with COVID-19 who live in residence halls and space to quarantine close contacts.

If you live on campus in a residence hall, self-reporting your status will initiate the process for arranging your isolation/quarantine space. Please self-isolate, wear a face mask, and order your meals online until a member of the Housing & Dining team contacts you to discuss your relocation needs and next steps.

Students who live off campus and need to isolate or quarantine, should follow the latest guidance from the CDC.

Medical care will be provided virtually by Student Health, the provider who made the diagnosis, or the student’s personal primary care provider.

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